What am I up to now?

Here are the areas in which I am dedicating most of my energy:

MATLAB Programming

I have been putting off learning how to program for many years — it has always seemed like a good idea, but never urgent enough to get me serious about it. However, I have been hired by a research lab, and I finally realize that developing this skill is the best thing I could do for my academic career.

  • My focus has been 60 minutes of actually coding everyday. Most of the time I am working on data analysis, but sometimes I like trying to solve simple problems just to flex different muscles. My GitHub can be found here.

Back into Reading and Writing

Since starting my Masters a year ago, I did not write a single blog post and I only read 10% of the number of books that I had read in previous years. It made sense as two things to put in the back burner in the midst of doing dozens of new projects — but I realize that those two activities are fulfilling in a unique way.

  • My focus has been on avoiding distractions such as YouTube, Reddit and Social Media in general to make space for these two endeavors.

Focus on Physical and Mental Health

That is the other thing I put aside since starting my Masters. For some reason, my brain always think it is acceptable to drop efforts on health when I get overwhelmed with work.

  • On the mental side, my focus has been on meditating every morning.

  • On the physical side, my focus has been on running every evening.

This page was last updated on the 2nd of August 2019, and is inspired by Derek Sivers